delivers comprehensive member exercise data without wearable devices.

DecisionSUITE™ is the indispensable club data platform that gives operators completely accurate management analytics. The system collects comprehensive member workout data across every area of the club-cardio, strength, group fitness, small group training, pools and courts. It tracks and reports comprehensive member workout data, check-in to check-out. You can now answer the question, ‘What do members actually do when they visit my club?’ 

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DecisionSUITE™ identifies all changes in individual member behavior; frequency, duration, intensity. Tinoq predictive analytics identify members who are on the verge of quitting. Imagine putting this knowledge in the hands of your team, empowering them to take corrective action to retain these members and keep them engaged.

DecisionSUITE™ turns your entire club into an Internet of things (IoT), the first of its kind equipment usage and intensity monitoring system. Be automatically informed before failure of equipment erodes member satisfaction. Track every piece of cardio and strength equipment, regardless of manufacturer, and deliver that data to the comprehensive Tinoq dashboard.

DecisionSUITE™ is the only fully automated data platform delivering: